SMP is launching new peelable lidding films with polyester film base.
There are various grades with different functions and features based on required applications and all of them are suitable for all kinds of food packing including oily & non-Oily food. Our new peelable lidding films are designed to provide strong peelable seals to broad series of substrates including APET, CPET, PETG, and PVC. They also produce strong peelable seal to PS and PP. Here are product ranges we supply.

Product Ranges
– Clarity: Clear, Hazy, Milky white
– Barrier: Metallized, ALOX coated (clear high barrier)
– Function: Anti-fog coated, Printable coated

If you need further information, please visit our Typical Properties and Specifications search page on this website or contact us .

SMP Product Management Team