In today’s world, “Environment” is one of the most widely used terms. People consider how to reduce their environmental impact and how to protect the natural environment. In response to these concerns, SKC developed SKYWEL®, an eco-friendly, biocompostable, biaxially-oriented film based on our 30 years of experience producing high performance PET film. The building block of this film is Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) which is derived from corn. The PLA is extracted from corn, and is polymerized to pellet size. Finally, the PLA resin becomes PLA film. This film can be used in a variety of applications such as envelope window film, twistable film, and general packaging film.

Although biaxially-oriented PET and PP films are widely used as packaging films for food, bakery, and vegetables, they do not biodegrade, which causes an environmental concern. PLA addresses this concern in that it is biocompostable and eco-friendly.

There are many possible applications such as snack packaging, and general packaging, envelope window film, twist film, cartoon window film. SKYWEL® biocompostable film can be metallized and has excellent adhesion to coating. SKC offers both standard PLA film grades, as well as heat sealable and shrinkable PLA films.

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