SKC seeks to create social values by expanding the use of eco-friendly biodegradable film from food packaging material to ice pack material, cloth, and book packaging material. The company has been strengthening its eco-friendly material business since it commercially introduced the world’s first biodegradable PLA film in 2009.

SKC will supply biodegradable vinyl films for ice pack packaging and cloth packaging to Shinsegae TV Shopping beginning March. Both companies commercialized the industry’s first 100% biodegradable ice pack packaging material after a 5-month testing. Unlike conventional plastic packaging materials, SKC packaging materials made using PLA and other biodegradable materials do not generate plastic waste. They can withstand water better and boast of better durability than paper materials.

Having identified the environment as one of the main business domains, SKC is steadily expanding its eco-friendly business. It began supplying biodegradable PLA film for banana packaging to Starbucks Korea in October 2018 and expanded its supply to cake protective vinyl and muffin and sandwich packaging material in October last year. It is also developing a food packaging material with a Korean convenience store chain.

Moreover, the company expanded the application of the biodegradable PLA film to vegetable packaging. SKC is supplying biodegradable PLA film to a major discount store chain in Korea for the packaging of some vegetable products and is negotiating with another chain for application. It is improving the film’s property to supply the vegetable packaging material to an eco-friendly organic grocery store chain in Korea.

Interest in SKC’s biodegradable film is growing in other countries, too. A convenience store chain in Japan is evaluating SKC’s biodegradable PLA film for rice ball packaging. SKC is also negotiating with a Southeast Asian airline to use biodegradable vinyl for in-flight knife sets onboard. In Europe, biodegradable films are used for packages containing magazines and advertising publications in the fashion and automobile industries.

SKC’s biodegradable PLA films are made of corn extract and are decomposed quickly, leaving no harmful components when buried in the ground. They are widely applicable as they feature excellent transparency and strength and ease of printing. They can be used in paper shopping bags, paper boxes, beverage bottle labels, and coated paper in addition to packaging for cookie’s, sweets, and bread. The R&D capabilities of SKC allow it to supply products specifically made for customers.

“SKC has identified eco-friendliness as a major growth engine along with mobility, and it is expanding its products with various biodegradable film materials in addition to PLA films. We intend to supply products specifically to customers and create social values with the technology accumulated since the world’s first commercialization,” an SKC official said. (2020-03-04)