Fancylite is SKC’s Innovative color variance effect film. It expresses color and iridescence through principles of optics. Fancylite is transparent, without addition of dyes or pigments.
Iridescence is a color effect caused by selective reflection of visible light. Interaction of light waves through 140-150 layers of thin polymers create shimmering rainbow effect. When white light strikes the film, it is separated by interference. A specific wavelength is reflected, while other wavelengths are transmitted. The specific wavelength and its intensity are determined by refractive indices, thickness of each layer and the number of layers.

Fancylite is made of polyester film base, so it can be laminated to various substrates. It brings attractive packaging options to designers, manufacturers and end-use customers with eye-catching, multi-color properties. Therefore, Fancylite can be used for various applications such as decoration, glitters, special packaging, labels, gift wrapping, yarn & textile, candy wrapping and many more.

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