DigiVue is a brand of SKC premium digital printable polyester films. DigiVue is a bi-axially oriented polyester film that offers good tensile strength, heat stability, resistance to water and chemicals, and durability. It is available in both clear and glossy white in a variety of thicknesses.

The attributes are;
– Engineered and certified for HP indigo labeling & packaging presses.
– 3-star rating in all three categories from RIT’s HP indigo certification program
– Clean and smooth running
– Superior ink adhesion
– Available in glossy white and clear
– Made in USA

Typical applications are loyalty cards, coupons, photo print, flyers, brochures, promotional advertising, specialty tags and labels, decals and flexible packaging.

DigiVue is compatible with various digital presses and please put DigiVue in search window for more detail info.

SMP New Product Launching Team