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SMP is a market leader in the supply of optical grade polyester films (also known as PET films). Our films are used for mobile phones, tablets, personal computers, LED TV’s, etc. for some of the biggest names in the industry. We produce display films for optical, reflector and polarizer uses.


Our optical films have excellent optical features and physical/mechanical properties based on the company’s surface processing technology. These films are widely used in various core optical flat panel display applications. The main uses of our films in this area are as follow:

  • Diffusion Sheets
  • Lens Sheets
  • Multi-Functional Sheets
  • Prism Sheets
  • Reflector Sheets

We supply the following optical film types:

  • Polarizer Protection Films
  • AR (Anti-Reflective) and AG (Anti-Glare) Films
  • Hard Coated Films
  • ITO Films


SMP’s reflector film is polyester based and is used as the core material in LCD backlit units. This film has excellent reflectance, thermal and optical features. The characteristics of the film are micro-voided, cavitated and pigment dispersed for enhanced reflectivity and UV stability. The main applications of the films are as follows:

  • Reflector Sheets for Backlit Units
  • Reflector Sheets for Lighting and Billboards


SMP’s polarizer film is a defect free polyester film used for optically clear adhesion and protection/separation of the polarizing plate while enabling easy silicon coating. The main types of the film are as follows:

  • Polarizer Protection Film
  • Optically Clear Adhesive Film
  • Optically Clear Separation Film

If you are interested in discussing your project, or receiving a film sample please contact us. We want to work with you to help make your product a success.

Click here to search for detailed technical specifications.