Dr. Ag (silver antimicrobial films) is certified for antivirus and anti-COVID-19.

Dr. Ag is anti-virus silver film and is effective in killing bacteria and viruses including COVID-19. Dr. Ag is ISO 21702 certified from an antiviral testing agency in Japan, confirming that Dr. Ag can kill COVID-19 virus by 99.9%. Dr. Ag has excellent durability with scratch resistance coating and the test results done by an […]

New antimicrobial films are available: Dr. Ag

Dr. Ag is made of silver ions antimicrobial coated polyester film. Silver ions come into contact with the bacteria, blocking their metabolism, leading to their destruction. Dr. Ag kills four major bacteria 99.99% (Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, Clostridium Difficile) is certified by SGS and Fiti. Dr. Ag shows excellent clarity (less than […]

SMP Launches New Peelable Lidding Films

SMP is launching new peelable lidding films with polyester film base.There are various grades with different functions and features based on required applications and all of them are suitable for all kinds of food packing including oily & non-Oily food. Our new peelable lidding films are designed to provide strong peelable seals to broad series […]

SMP introduces new board films – White, Clear, Green and Black

SMP is launching new board films of white, clear, green and black with unique features and applications. White films for Peel, stick & write -Projection Screen Usage Multi-usage Whiteboards – Resurfacing, New Whiteboard & Projection ScreenEasily Installation without wrinkles and bubblesLow glare effect projection screenRemovable & ReusableDurable with anti-scratch hard coatingDesign DIY Whiteboard peel and […]

SKC Iridescent film – Fancylite

Fancylite is SKC’s Innovative color variance effect film. It expresses color and iridescence through principles of optics. Fancylite is transparent, without addition of dyes or pigments.Iridescence is a color effect caused by selective reflection of visible light. Interaction of light waves through 140-150 layers of thin polymers create shimmering rainbow effect. When white light strikes […]

New product – Laser printable cavitated white polyester films

SMP developed new laser printable white polyester films: CWL series. CWL series provide excellent adhesion and printability to dry toner-hot fusion digital printing presses and various printers. One of main features of CWL is a lower density white polyester film than regular white polyester films, which brings smooth and flexible feel for stationary and many […]

100% recyclable Shrink film – SKC EcoLabel

SKC has a new solution to recycle shrink films. SKC EcoLabel is the world’s first fully recyclable shrink film, which is 100% recyclable film with washable ink that keeps PET flakes clear for reprocessing. SKC Ecolabel obtained recognition from the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), one of the biggest recyclers in the US, for exceeding […]

Ultraviolet (UV) stabilized polyester film (New Product)

SKC launched a new type of polyester film to block UV radiation below 370nm Wavelength: Skyrol® TH82U. TU82U is an optically clear and glossy with chemically treated on two sides.TH82U provides excellent adhesion to various inks and adhesives, and provides enhanced resistance to UV degradation. It is available at a thickness range of 200ga to […]

SKC Announces Price Increase

Dear Valued Customers: Thank you for your ongoing commitment and trust in SKC Inc. over the years supplying you quality PET films. Recent increases in raw material, delivery cost and operational costs have had a drastic impact on the PET film market, forcing us to make some price adjustments. In order to continue providing our […]